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Your LOCAL solar installer established in our Carver County community in Minnesota

Tax Credits, Grants, Rebates, and Savings

Reduce or eliminate your 

electricity bill for good!

We customize a professionally engineered solar array system based on your actual annual usage. Most systems pay for themselves after just 5 to 7 years allowing you to break free from monthly utility bills and rising utility costs. Our manufacturers' warranties are the best in the industry at 25 years. User friendly software app allows real time monitoring of production and reports that you can install on your smartphone or other device!  Monitor your system from anywhere in the world!

We can help you determine how much you can save on your solar array investment with these programs!  

Federal Tax Credit

The 30% Federal tax credit is avaiable January 1, 2022 through December 2032. 

Click HERE to learn more about the Federal tax credit and view the instructions  IRS Form 5695  and consult your tax professional.

USDA Grant for Rural Businesses

Your rural small businesses may be eligible for financial grants!

If you own a business or farm, you may be eligible for a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

If your application gets approved, you could receive up to a 

50% Grant of the project's total cost.

Learn More About USDA Rural Energy for America Program and 

if your business qualifies>>Click HERE 


Utility Rebates

Are you a current Xcel Energy customer?

Each kilowatt hour that your solar array system produces saves you money.  

But how about an additional reward for a decade?  Applications are open for an additional $0.02 or $0.015 per kilowatt hour in an annual payment 

each year for 10 years (updated rate for 2023 Solar Rewards applicants). 

 Click HE​RE to learn more about Xcel's Solar Rewards.  ​

Depreciation for Businesses

Your tax basis is not fully reduced by the Federal Tax Credit.  You can offset revenue with accelerated depreciation methods.  

Talk to your tax professional for more info, or click HERE for MACRS info from the IRS.

No Minnesota Tax on Solar

Minnesota wants to reach our nation's goal to become energy independent. For this reason, solar panels, equipment and installation 

are all exempt from MN Sales & Transit Tax that you would normally pay. 

These savings will also apply to your production! Net Metering allows you to 

save on the MN Sales Tax. 

Click H​E​​RE for all incentives for Minnesotans.

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