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Ready to save and prefer a site visit?  Click HE​RE to link to our Facebook page and review the available times.

To accurately assess your electrical usage, we will need your last 12 months of energy usage in kWh's or simply provide pdf statements for the last 12 months which is usually available online from your utility provider.  

To complete your proposal, we may need to make a site visit and have additional access to the rooftop, attic, or utility meter.  

Final solar array design may require that we do more in-depth assessment of solar access, orientation 

and for shading issues from trees or other structures.  

The entire process: application and permission to operate (PTO), can take 3-6 months.

If you are serious about solar, do not hesitate to complete the contact form or schedule your appointment for a 

no obligation custom and confidential quote.  

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